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Aberdeen, Washington: February 20, 1967
Dirge with Birds
from The Gospel of Bullets
Home (forthcoming)
How to Hurt a Fly (forthcoming)
My First Roach Job
Smells Like Teen Spirit
When Rain Isn't Rain
Why We Don't Have Children

from A Generation of Insomniacs

Grunge Poem
Flannel Live Poem with a Touch of Sky
How to Write a Poem in Toledo, Ohio
Just James
Last Day Of Childhood, Nearly Thirteen
Late Night Email to My Brother
The Legal Team of Nietzche, Freud, Darwin and Marx
Poem for Brothers
Suffering from Insomnia, I Look for You in Nebraska
Warming Trend

from To Gain The Day

The Doors to the Unemployment Office Open
Interpreting Night Routes
Spring Rain
While Trying to Rat Proof One of Toledo's Historic Victorian Home, I Listen to the Customer as He Criticizes People Who are Protesting Economic Injustice

from Everything I Know...

Everything I Know I Learned from Kermit the Frog
Everything I Know I Learned from Playing Air Guitar
Everything I Know I Learned from Rachel Maddow
Everything I Know I Learned from Survivor

from Paper Guillotines

Letter to a Former Student, Recently Deployed to Iraq, Summer 2007
Thirteen Things My Military Students Tell Me That They Can't Tell Their Parents


Breathing With and Without Air: A Review of Lisa Fay Coutley's Errata

In Pursuit of Shenanigans: Review of Dan Nowak's the hows and whys of my failures

The Likeness of the Waves: Review of Niki Koulouris' The sea with no one in it.

Essays, etc...

Some Thoughts on Grief, Sentimentality and "Faith"

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