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A Generation of Insomniacs (Book)
Main Street Rag Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-59948-462-4

"Anthony Frame’s A Generation of Insomniacs is a tough book that earns its toughness only so it can break your heart. Terse, tight, honest, unflinching—these poems search for authenticity in a world filled with dishonesty and hypocrisy, and isn’t this the job of any poet? While this book is generational—the generation of Kurt Cobain and grunge —it explores the complex world of adolescence with compassion and authenticity that cross all boundaries of time and place. Frame is an astute chronicler of his generation, and his place, Toledo, Ohio, with a keen eye for the telling detail—these poems jump off the page, they sizzle and crackle with electric life."

-Jim Daniels, author of Birth Marks

"In A Generation of Insomniacs, Anthony Frame's kinetic and daring debut, poet and reader alike rediscover 'an America defined/by our songs instead of these maps.' At times expansive, at others purposefully frayed and raw, these interrogative poems blossom with gritty lyricism and an unmistakably original voice. Indeed, Frame's voice is an authentic and searching one—a voice that 'won't stop/screaming as long the moon survives.'"

-Adam Tavel, author of Plash & Levitation

To Gain the Day (Chapbook)
Red Bird Chapbooks, 2015

Anthony's collection of poems deals with issues and aspects of life that I find familiar.  Don't we all have parts of our lives that have nothing to do with each other and everything to do with who we are?  Anthony, poet, ex-educator, and "pest control technician" explores the way we chose to live, how we function, manage, provide and still remain true to ourselves and those we care about.  Thoughtful, honest, enduring and endearing, Anthony's poems deal directly and compassionately with balancing occupation and vocation, co-workers and family, past and present.

Everything I Know ... (Chapbook)
ELJ Publications, 2014

"Anthony Frame has a gift for pushing the envelope of the list poem, creating a richly imagined series of poems that are remarkable, refreshing and joyous. Frame turns the Americana of Kurt Cobain, Buffy, Survivor, Chaz Bono, air guitar, bumper stickers and more into a breathtaking experience, where we get inside the 'scream… boiling beneath' Kermit the Frog, discover Ron Jeremy’s sexual act is 'almost iambic' and superhero masks have 'eyeholes as Freudian mirrors.' The genius is in the line Frame walks between playful and serious, between poetic and casual.' When I die, prove / once and for all the primacy of metaphors.' This book has done so and more."

-Matthew Silverman, author of The Breath Before Birds Fly

"Everything I Know I Learned From Anthony Frame. This book teaches us it’s all semiotics and mythographies. The symbols we are, the couplets we make are all footnotes elsewhere. Here is a poet who is trying to trace himself back to himself, to find the name behind the names, to understand the why of the whys. Is he successful? He shows us he is, but makes us question it. Let this book show you Anthony Frame. He knows himself and he is unashamed."

-Dan Nowak, author of Recycle Suburbia and the hows and whys of my failures

Paper Guillotines
Imaginary Friend Press, 2010

Introduction in verse by Jim Daniels, plus 20 pages of fantastic poetry that takes no prisoners from an American society that wages war and breeds corruption and greed, yet simultaneously tells, with both rage and tenderness, how it is for the rest of us.

"Frame’s mature and searching voice conjures the righteous invective of early Auden and the terse muscularity of middle-era James Wright."
- Adam Tavel, reviewed in Emprise Review.

"... in his chapbook, Paper Guillotines, (available from *Imaginary Friend Press), Anthony Frame is not afraid. He is not afraid to take on racism, homophobia, war, injustice, imperialism. The -isms and the things that people try to ignore because they can seem so overwhelming. Frame is not afraid of being overwhelmed or of showing how much he cares. & while not afraid to care, he achieves that very difficult thing of making the political poetic."
- Ryder Collins, reviewed in the Cervena Barva Press December, 2010 newsletter.

"[N]o amount of labels can define Frame's view of the world. That's what Paper Guillotines is for, and it does the job admirably. So these poems have messages, but they're not message-poems. They stand up for themselves."
- Christopher Frost, reviewed in Neon Literary Magazine.

"Everything I Know I Learned from Lazarus" (Broadside)
Yellow Flag Press, 2014
YFP 117

Broadside (2013), 6 inches x 12 inches. 60lb. Textured Card-stock covers with 20% cotton Antique Laid Paper.

First Printing Limited to an edition of 28 numbered copies in 4 varieties: Rust, Blue, Forest, and Ivory.

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