Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Bits

It's been a long time (again). The busy season at work has, well, kept me busy. So here's a few quick bits of what's been going on.

Two of my favorite online journals have accepted two of my poems.
America's oldest literary magazine, The North American Review, will include my poem, "Faith," in an upcoming issue.

Old news, updated:

Northwind Magazine's latest issue is live and includes my poem "Suffering from Insomnia, I Look for You in Nebraska," a poem for my dude, Dan Nowak.

The Oklahoma Review has published two of my poems: "Poem Written in a Crawlspace" and "Why I Hate the Sunrise."

Linden Avenue Literary Journal's first issue is available and includes two of my poems: "Everything I Know I Learned from Bumper Stickers" and "Obligatory Eulogy for Kurt Cobain (Which Turns Out to Also Be About Shannon Hoon [But Which Isn't Really About Either of Them]). They've also published a few other issues since then, which should be checked out.

The new issue of Third Wednesday is available at fine book stores near you and it includes my poem "The Birth."

Poemeleon has just released it's Epistolary Issue, which includes my poem "Late Night Email to My Brother."

Finally, back in July, my wife and I got to see The Dave Matthews Band live at DTE Energy Music Theater. The show was awesome and here's a bit of YouTube footage from it:

Currently Reading:
The Atrocity of Water by Kirsten Hemmy
The Dream Songs by John Berryman
The Season of Passage by Christopher Pike (in honor of the Mars rover, Curiosity)

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