Monday, September 24, 2012

Paper Guillotines Nearly Sold-Out

I have five copies of Paper Guillotines left. My fantastic editors at Imaginary Friend Press have two copies left, both of which are in the mail and heading my way.

You can use the "Buy Now" button in the right sidebar to order one of the last copies from me and I'll send it to you, signed and with some sort of inscription. The cost is still $7.00 and that includes shipping. (We are officially sold out!)

About Paper Guillotines:

from the editors:
Introduction in verse by Jim Daniels, plus 20 pages of fantastic poetry that takes no prisoners from an American society that wages war and breeds corruption and greed, yet simultaneously tells, with both rage and tenderness, how it is for the rest of us. 

from Adam Tavel, reviewed in Emprise Review:
"Frame’s mature and searching voice conjures the righteous invective of early Auden and the terse muscularity of middle-era James Wright."

from Ryder Collins, reviewed in the Cervena Barva Press December, 2010 newsletter:
"... in his chapbook, Paper Guillotines, (available from *Imaginary Friend Press), Anthony Frame is not afraid. He is not afraid to take on racism, homophobia, war, injustice, imperialism. The -isms and the things that people try to ignore because they can seem so overwhelming. Frame is not afraid of being overwhelmed or of showing how much he cares. & while not afraid to care, he achieves that very difficult thing of making the political poetic."

from Christopher Frost, reviewed in Neon Literary Magazine.
"[N]o amount of labels can define Frame's view of the world. That's what Paper Guillotines is for, and it does the job admirably. So these poems have messages, but they're not message-poems. They stand up for themselves." 

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