Monday, January 9, 2012

For No Reason Other Than Because It Makes Me Laugh

Alright, so the new issue of Blood Orange Review is out. It includes my poem, "Last Day of Childhood, Nearly Thirteen," along with my bio and a requested statement of "Why I Write." I'm honored that the editors published the poem and thrilled they ended their Editor's Notes with my "Why I Write" statement. Many thanks to everyone at Blood Orange Review. Read the rest of the issue because it's awesome.

I was going to write a really clever and funny post about New Years and New Years Resolutions, but ... eh ... maybe some other time. Instead, here's one for laughter:

And here's one for being really damn awesome:

Currently reading:

Billy Collins: Sailing Alone Around the World: New and Selected Poems
Laura McCallough: Panic
Jim Daniels: Having a Little Talk With Capital P Poetry
Tomas Transtromer: The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems

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