Monday, September 24, 2012

Paper Guillotines Nearly Sold-Out

I have five copies of Paper Guillotines left. My fantastic editors at Imaginary Friend Press have two copies left, both of which are in the mail and heading my way.

You can use the "Buy Now" button in the right sidebar to order one of the last copies from me and I'll send it to you, signed and with some sort of inscription. The cost is still $7.00 and that includes shipping. (We are officially sold out!)

About Paper Guillotines:

from the editors:
Introduction in verse by Jim Daniels, plus 20 pages of fantastic poetry that takes no prisoners from an American society that wages war and breeds corruption and greed, yet simultaneously tells, with both rage and tenderness, how it is for the rest of us. 

from Adam Tavel, reviewed in Emprise Review:
"Frame’s mature and searching voice conjures the righteous invective of early Auden and the terse muscularity of middle-era James Wright."

from Ryder Collins, reviewed in the Cervena Barva Press December, 2010 newsletter:
"... in his chapbook, Paper Guillotines, (available from *Imaginary Friend Press), Anthony Frame is not afraid. He is not afraid to take on racism, homophobia, war, injustice, imperialism. The -isms and the things that people try to ignore because they can seem so overwhelming. Frame is not afraid of being overwhelmed or of showing how much he cares. & while not afraid to care, he achieves that very difficult thing of making the political poetic."

from Christopher Frost, reviewed in Neon Literary Magazine.
"[N]o amount of labels can define Frame's view of the world. That's what Paper Guillotines is for, and it does the job admirably. So these poems have messages, but they're not message-poems. They stand up for themselves." 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Bits

It's been a long time (again). The busy season at work has, well, kept me busy. So here's a few quick bits of what's been going on.

Two of my favorite online journals have accepted two of my poems.
America's oldest literary magazine, The North American Review, will include my poem, "Faith," in an upcoming issue.

Old news, updated:

Northwind Magazine's latest issue is live and includes my poem "Suffering from Insomnia, I Look for You in Nebraska," a poem for my dude, Dan Nowak.

The Oklahoma Review has published two of my poems: "Poem Written in a Crawlspace" and "Why I Hate the Sunrise."

Linden Avenue Literary Journal's first issue is available and includes two of my poems: "Everything I Know I Learned from Bumper Stickers" and "Obligatory Eulogy for Kurt Cobain (Which Turns Out to Also Be About Shannon Hoon [But Which Isn't Really About Either of Them]). They've also published a few other issues since then, which should be checked out.

The new issue of Third Wednesday is available at fine book stores near you and it includes my poem "The Birth."

Poemeleon has just released it's Epistolary Issue, which includes my poem "Late Night Email to My Brother."

Finally, back in July, my wife and I got to see The Dave Matthews Band live at DTE Energy Music Theater. The show was awesome and here's a bit of YouTube footage from it:

Currently Reading:
The Atrocity of Water by Kirsten Hemmy
The Dream Songs by John Berryman
The Season of Passage by Christopher Pike (in honor of the Mars rover, Curiosity)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dude, Where's My Poet? (and a MFing Bike!)

Holy crap, it's been a long time. Too long. I've been too busy. I've got about twenty emails waiting (very patiently) for responses. I've got notes that are waiting (impatiently) to be turned into poems. And I've got contests that are screaming their pending deadlines at me. They're also screaming, "Why are you working seventy hours a week if not to spend money on poetry contests?" Because my brain is weird like that (Oh, and FYI, I work seventy hours a week because I like electricity and the fancy DVR thing on my TV that lets me skip commercials for stuff I shouldn't spend my money on).

So, I'm trying to catch up on my reading but there's so much stuff in my blogger-following thing that I'm picking and choosing based on titles (for example, I will read "Sexy Typewriters, Wodehouse Nonsense" from The Paris Review's blog and "The Reproductive Success of a Poem" from The Kenyon Review's blog very soon. I would read "To the penises on Versal's wall" over at Versal's blog but for some reason it has been taken down...). I've also got new issues of Boxcar Poetry Review and Rougarou and diode to read, a bunch of new chapbooks from Imaginary Friend Press to order, print journals to re-subscribe to and individual poems to submit (yes, I'm typing/publishing this list simply to quickly remind myself).

But, after a long day at work, I don't really want to do any of that. I just want to sit outside with my wife, watching the fat bunny that lives in our yard, who we've named Shannon and who will probably eat my wife's crop of carrots, and the tiny baby bunny that lives in our yard, who we've named Teeny and who will definitely eat my wife's crop of carrots, and the hummingbirds that have no names and will seriously freak me out if they start to eat carrots. I usually just check my email to read the latest round of rejections (and, occasionally, acceptances). On that note, here's what's been happening over the past five months:

Harpur Palate 11.2 is now (and has been since before AWP) available.

Tilt-a-Whirl accepted and has published "Vasectomy Paradelle."

Emerge Literary Journal has published "The Legend of the Misfit Skins" online. The issue also includes and incredible poem by my boy, Dan NowakA print issue of Emerge is also now available and will include my poem "Echos" (and also includes a poem by Dan Nowak).

The Oklahoma Review has accepted two poems, "Why I Hate the Sunrise" and "Poem Written in a Crawlspace" for their Spring 2012 issue, which should be released sometime this summer.

The Summer 2012 issue of Northwind Magazine will include my poem, "Suffering From Insomnia, I Look For You in Nebraska."

A new journal, Linden Avenue, has accepted two of my poems for their inaugural issue, to be released in June. Look for the insanely titled "Obligatory Eulogy for Kurt Cobain (Which Turns Out to Also Be About Shannon Hoon [But Which isn't Really About Either of Them])" and "Everything I Know I Learned from Bumper Stickers."

Third Wednesday will publish "The Birth" in their next issue (and they're going to send me a "small check" -- sweeeet).

And finally, Poemeleon will include my poem "Late Night Email to My Brother" in their forthcoming Epistolary Issue, an acceptance letter that came on my birthday:)

Okay -- that's not actually all the news. Blood Orange Review has honored me by nominating my poem "Last Day of Childhood, Nearly Thirteen" for the Best New Poets anthology. The editors at BOR have been way too good to me.

Oh, and "The Summer I Stopped Catching Bees," by Karen J. Weyant, which we published in Glass Volume 4 Issue 1 was selected by Sundress Publications as a Best of the Net poem. Congratulate Weyant by buying her incredible chapbook, Wearing Heals in the Rust Belt (Main Street Rag, 2012).

I've also been receiving some of the nicest rejection letters by some of my favorite literary journals, which is pretty encouraging and exciting.

That said: screw your car. I wanna bike:

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Haunts by Laura Cherry
The Book of My Nights by Li-Young Lee
Space Walk by Tom Sleigh

Monday, January 9, 2012

For No Reason Other Than Because It Makes Me Laugh

Alright, so the new issue of Blood Orange Review is out. It includes my poem, "Last Day of Childhood, Nearly Thirteen," along with my bio and a requested statement of "Why I Write." I'm honored that the editors published the poem and thrilled they ended their Editor's Notes with my "Why I Write" statement. Many thanks to everyone at Blood Orange Review. Read the rest of the issue because it's awesome.

I was going to write a really clever and funny post about New Years and New Years Resolutions, but ... eh ... maybe some other time. Instead, here's one for laughter:

And here's one for being really damn awesome:

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Billy Collins: Sailing Alone Around the World: New and Selected Poems
Laura McCallough: Panic
Jim Daniels: Having a Little Talk With Capital P Poetry
Tomas Transtromer: The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems