Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Meadowland Review (And More!)

The Fall 2011 issue of The Meadowland Review is now available. Go check out the killer poems, including my "Flannel Love Poem With a Touch of Sky."

In other news, the Fall 2011 issue of Third Coast (which includes my poem, "Prayers") is also now available (click here to order your own copy). It is phenomenal. Seriously, it is worth three times what the editors are charging for it.

Next, I get to announce three upcoming publications:

The fabulous Harpur Palate has agreed to publish two of my poems, "Love Poem With Callused Hands" and "The Man With No Pants at the Blue Öyster Cult Concert."

And the incredible Blood Orange Review will publish my "Last Night of Childhood, Nearly Thirteen" in a future issue.

I'll let you know when these three poems are available.

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