Monday, October 31, 2011

News and Blues, Part Two

Go to Accent Publishing's website. Pre-order Bigger Than They Appear: An Anthology of Very Short Poems. Enjoy the anthology when it comes out in December. Thank me once you've finished it.

Seriously, I got a chance to check out the anthology when the proofs were sent to me. Yes, my two poems are awesome:) But so are all of the other ones. Here's the full skinny from the publisher: "Bigger Than They Appear: Anthology of Very Short Poems is a 316-page volume of poems of up to 50 words, including titles. Whether poignant, funny, tragic, or inspirational, each poem is always complete and memorable, representing a world larger than the space it takes on the page. This book features work by 192 contemporary masters of the short free-form poem."

Add these wonderful journals to the list of markets that have ceased publication:

No Tell Motel
The Minnetonka Review

Read this blog post about the final week at No Tell Motel. Then cry.
Read this explanation about why Minnetonka decided to close doors. Then get pissed off at the world.

The editors at Black Lawrence Press have announced the finalists and semi-finalists for the 2011 St Lawrence Book Award. Check me out in all my semi-finalist glory!

Many thanks to the BLP editors. I am honored to be listed with these other wonderful writers.

R.E.M. have retired.

I have no words. In my mind, they're the best of the late 80's through the present. What can I say?


Pirene's Fountain has released my poem, "The Legal Team of Nietzsche, Freud, Darwin and Marx."

And! The Meadowland Review has decided to include my poem, "Flannel Love Poem With a Touch of Sky" in their upcoming Fall 2011 issue (to be released early in November). More once it is released. Until then, check out the Spring 2011 issue (same link as above).

Enough. For now.

Keep your eyes here, though. I plan to post a long discussion about the recent controversy regarding BlazeVox Books. Forthcoming.

Currently reading: The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding; Shelter, by Carey Salerno; and Post Moxie by Julia Story. And these online journals: Blood Orange Review, Cellpoems, Linebreak, and Shampoo. But mostly, I'm waiting for the new issue of Blood Lotus.

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