Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Poems Surrounded by Other Great Poems

Go to these websites. Yes, they include two of my poems. But my poems are accompanied by (or accompany) a number of other great poems you should read.

Here is the link for Stirring Volume 13, Edition 3: March 2011, which includes my poem "My First Roach Job" and four other killer poems (plus a great short story). (and here's hoping I remember to update the link when these go into the archives)

While you're there, check out the archives, which are overflowing with phenomenal poems. Two of note:

Rane Arroyo's "Instead of Flamenco Before Our Eyes"
My brilliant wife, Holly Burnside's, "Mad Hatter"

*      *     *

Next head over to Side B Magazine, where you can find my poem "A Generation of Insomniacs" in Issue 3.

Side B Magazine is a print journal, so you'll have to order a copy to read  my poem, but -- trust me -- it's worth it. The issue includes three other great poems, two great short stories, a sweet-ass interview and some killer artwork. Print copies are a little over eight bucks (a steal) or you can order the PDF version for only two bucks (a steal of a steal!)

Spend some time at this website, which contains a ton of cool stuff (and more coming daily). You could spend days exploring what they offer. 

As a side note, Side B is dedicated, and entirely devoted, to supporting emerging writers (a mission we should all love). They used to define this as any writer under the age of 30 who has not yet received significant recognition in their field. They have recently changed this to simply be writers who have not yet received significant recognition in their field (defined as "published a book, have a book deal, have won a previous major contest"). I think their decision to drop the age requirement is a smart and necessary one (especially since I'm about to turn 30 and have not yet received significant recognition:).

Go -- support this young publication.
*   *   *

My poems in these journals are from two different chapbooks I'm working on and that I hope to have some updates about soon. Fingers crossed.

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