Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weird? Cool? Both!

So, my vacation from work is over.

I got quite a bit done, though certainly not everything that was on my to-do list. And I had to shovel a lot of snow, though (thankfully) not as much as my New York friends.

I wrote a lot. Revised a lot of poems I'd been wanting for a while to really sit down with and I managed to start five new poems. Plus I got to read a whole bunch (Dan Nowak's new chapbook, Of a Bed Frame, almost finished with Lightsey Darst's book, Find the Girl, Alison Stine's book, Ohio Violence, which is phenomenal. Halfway through Philip Levine's Breath and halfway through Philip Levine's News of the World -- come to think of it, I'm halfway through just about all of Philip Levine's books!).

And I went through and cleaned/organized a bunch of my files, which uncovered some surprises. Check out this:

This are the original handwritten draft/notes of "Montage," the first poem I ever published (in issue 7 of Heliotrope). 

Here's how it turned out once it was "finished":

Then I found a weird old sketchbook of mine. It looks like it was from right after highschool, probably at the start of undergrad. Here are a few choice selections:

I don't know what's wrong with that guy, but I guess at the time I did.

This picture is of me from high school, from a writer's workshop at Kenyon College. I found this on a day I also happened to write an email to my old friend, Amy, who I met there.

It's hard to believe that was me. A past life! And apparently I was a deep thinker.

Amy emailed me about this and said, "Can you believe I ever wore those clothes." Amy, can you believe I still have that shirt?! In fact, if it wasn't twenty degrees out, I'd be wearing that shirt right now.

Strange what we find when we look.

And because I'm feeling strange, here's the weirdest damn thing I've ever seen. It's a fan video for Steeleye Span's "Alison Gross."

There used to be a killer fan video of Eve 6's "Beautiful Oblivion" made entirely of stick figures, but it seems to have been pulled off YouTube. Sadly. It would have made a great pair to "Alison Gross."

Back to work!

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