Monday, May 5, 2008

Versal 6 Now Available

Versal 6 is now available! This journal out of Amsterdam contains my poem, "This small poem." It is my second internation publication and it is one I'm very proud of. So, if you're in a good bookstore, look for Versal. If they don't carry it, tell them they should. Here's the full list of contributors to this issue:

Wiljan van den Akker, Shifa Ali, Larissa Andrusyshyn, Matt Anserello, Jennifer Arcuni, Jenny Arnold, Rane Arroyo, Tom Bass, Ewan Cameron, Logan Chace, Selfa Chew, Lakey Comess, Francisco Cunha, Marosa di Giorgio, Joris Diks, Ben Doller, William Doreski, Magdolene Dykstra, Carolina Esses, Magdalena Ferreiro, Ana Fornaro, Anthony Frame, Lara Frankena, Dana Gentile, Ericka Ghersi, Cynthia Grier Lotze, Marilyn Hacker, David Hart, Derek Henderson, Takashi Hiraide, Rozalie Hirs, B.J. Hollars, Sandra Jensen, Andrew J. Jones, Toshiya Kamei, Sándor Kányádi, Michael Karman, Nabil Kashyap, Ko Kooman, Dawn Lonsinger, Rachel Marston, David Miller, Kelly Moffett, Jane Monk, Emmanuel Moses, Jennifer D. Munro, Mace Murakishi, Sawako Nakayasu, Alistair Noon, Emelie Östergren, Miroslav Paral, María Cecilia Perna, Alex Piperno, Jeannine Marie Pitas, Amy Purifoy Piazza, David Ruhlman, Danielle Smits, Paul Sohar, Julian Stannard, Jean Tripier, Xiao Kaiyu.

I've been looking through it and I have to say it is killer collection of poems, stories and the coolest, weirdest artwork I've seen in a long time. And one of the mazing things is that my good friend and former teacher, Rane Arroyo, is included in the issue too. And we're only separated by a few pages. It's weird to have my poem nearly next to my poetry professor's poem.

And, as if this whole experience wasn't cool enough, the issue was accompanied by a postcard from the journal's poetry editor. Now, to give context to this postcard, though the editor had no idea of what I am about to say, you need to understand that my small poem is literally a small poem -- it is two, two line stanzas. So, including the stanza break, it is only five lines long. But it is surrounded by these three page poems and seven page short stories. And I'm not exactly a famous poet so, all in all, I had insecurities about being in the journal. But then I read the postcard:

So, not only am I incredibly honored to be a part of the Versal family, I can easily say, without a doubt, that this has been the most positive and enriching publishing experience I've ever had.

So, again, go to your favorite bookstore and look for Versal. If they don't have it, tell them to subscribe because journals like this need to be supported.

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Neon Issue Fifteen now available

Neon issue fifteen is now available. Here's the word from the editors:

"Issue fifteen of Neon is now here, featuring the work of Jane Flett, M.E. Silverman, Miranda Merklein, Martin Hayes, Craig Caudill, Luigi Monteferrante, Christopher Barnes, John Oliver Hodges, Tricia Asklar, Noel Sloboda, Howard Good and Morris Collins.

There's a long preview posted online and you can order printed copies or download the full thing from the store. As always, the content in this issue is excellent, and the printed booklets for some reason look particularly fine. We hope you'll take a look."

If you can find a copy, check it out. And send a congratulations to my good friend, Howard Good who appears in issue fifteen.

Note: Howie, you beat me to Grand Rapids. I got to Neon before you. Can't wait to see which journal crosses our paths next.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Poems Accepted by Blood Lotus

More great news: Blood Lotus, an online literary journal, has accepted two of my poems for their upcoming issue. Look for "Evolution" and "Local Commercials" in their June 2008 issue!

I'll also announce when the issue is available.

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Postmodern Guernica to be Published by Imaginary Friend Press!

My first chapbook, Postmodern Guernica, has been accepted for publication by Imaginary Friend Press! Yay!

Not much in regards to info, yet. But once I have more I will pass it along.

Until then, check out Postmodern Guernica's opening poem, "World News," published in issue 19 of Perigee.

Oh yeah: YAY!

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