Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rane Arroyo's Same-Sex Séances

Rane Arroyo's Same-Sex Séances is now available from New Sins Press! Order this book immediately! Seriously.

I think I've read Same-Sex Séances about seven times since my copy came in the mail. I love Arroyo's work and I have favorites and this is quickly rising on my list of his best books.

And to make things even better, it includes Glass: A Journal of Poetry, the poetry journal I edit with my wife, in the acknowledgements page:
Now, if poems charted like songs and if I had an iPod (and if I knew how to download and track the songs I listen to on my iPod), then a number of these poems would be at the top of my list. Obviously, "Brokeback Mountain" is one I love since Glass was fortunate enough to publish it. But also, the incredible "Slow Change," the heartbreaking "The Piñata Boy," and the intoxicating "What Daniel And I Talk About When We're Naked" are right up there as soem of my favorite poems of all time. But the killer in this collection is "From The Book Of The First Serpent." This poem alone makes Same-Sex Séances worth the cover price.
What are you waiting for? Order the book!

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