Saturday, February 16, 2008

"This small poem" Accepted by Versal

I'm going international again! Versal has accepted my poem, "This small poem" for their upcoming sixth issue, due out in May, 2008. Versal is published out of Amsterdam (as my wife says, the Dutch get me), so added to my recent UK publication, this means I'm really internationally unknown.

I'll post when the issue is available.

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opit said...

So what happened ? Not that I'm complaining, mind ; setting up a new blog and starting fresh is work. This from a guy who didn't have time to indulge ! Consider yourself teased.

FrameWork 2.0 said...

Hey opit! Long time no "hey". Not sure what you mean by "what happened"? If you mean what happened with the poem: nothing yet. It's accepted and will be available around May, 2008. If you mean why the new blog: well, the old one had me down and was consuming all my time (check out the post "Give Me A Leonard Coen Afterword" at the old blog) so I stopped. But did want to be able to keep talking about poetry. So I shifted gears and came up with an entirely positive blog all about writing and submitting and publishing.

opit said...

On the now defunct WordPress blog I had started with personal anecdotes : but was running out of material fast. I changed focus and played with options, but didn't think a new popsickle stand was called for.

FrameWork 2.0 said...

I like the new blog, opit. Has a very nice layout to it.