Friday, February 8, 2008

Neon Literary Journal Issue 14 is Now Available

Neon Literary Journal issue 14 is now available. Included are my two poems, "Don't Blink" and "Withdrawal in West Virginia: A Letter." My copy hasn't yet come in the mail, but based on the PDF proof I was sent, it [It] looks like it's a fine issue. Here's the blurb from Neon's website:

"Issue fourteen of Neon is here, and it is every bit as magical as expected. It contains the work of Rupert Merkin, Jenn Koiter, Grant McLeman, Jonathan Greenhause, Lynn Patmalnee, Curtis Smith, Anthony Frame, Brent Fisk, Sarah Hilary, J.A Tyler, Phil Gruis and Jarod Rosello. It is, approximately, the best thing ever."

Okay, that's just me gloating: I love seeing my name in print. But if you're interested, go to their website for more information, including a preview (my poems are not included in the preview) as well as information about subscriptions and about purchasing individual issues.

This is a UK journal, so be prepared to be asked for pounds rather than dollars.

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