Friday, February 1, 2008

FrameWork 2.0

I'm working on setting up this new blog. It is an updated version of my previous blog, FrameWork, but with some major differences.

I want a place to announce my successes and this blog will be that place. But I also want to be able to announce other people's successes. So, when friends and family members have great news, I will post that information. And if you, dear reader, have successes, please email them to me and I'll likely announce the success here.

As I am a poet, the majority of what will be posted will have to do with poetry (where I'm publishing, where my friends are publishing, etc...). And I will try to post some calls for submissions that I see. If you read a call for submission, or if you are an editor with a submission call, send it to my email address and I'll post it here.

These posts will be coming at random rates as it will all depend on when success happens. But, with any luck, there will be a lot of success and therefore a lot of posts.

I hope you enjoy.

-Anthony Frame
FrameWork 2.0
frameworkblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

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